Integrity Consulting is staffed with business, technology, and media professionals who pride themselves on providing the high levels of service to all the customers whom we serve.

Integrity Consulting Group was founded by Eric Jaffe in January of 2007 with the desire to help businesses, churches, and non-profits improve their business and bottom line through the use of sound leadership practices and the implementation of practical technologies. Eric is passionate about seeing organizations operate at optimum performance by leveraging people, process, and technology in a highly effective manner.

That attitude permeates everything that Integrity does.

Eric has served in a variety of leadership capacities over the course of his career. Most recently as the Director of Information Systems at Rogers Towers, Jacksonville’s largest and most prestigious law firm. Prior to that he was a Senior Systems Engineer at Steel, Hector, and Davis LLP a 10 office 500+ user law firm based out of Miami. He has a degree in Business Management from Florida International University, is an ordained minister, and holds various technological certifications.Eric is very active in business and social sectors.